Historians! East End Women’s Museum Needs Your Help! 


Women in the East End are saying a collective no to the ‘Jack the Ripper Museum’ that is trying to open its doors in Cable Street, London. They do not want what they have been given, particularly as they had been promised a museum that would tell the untold stories of the working-class women who have lived in their streets throughout history. We have all seen the stories about this disgraceful deceit in the press and social media. But the pictures of the picket lines do not capture the broader significance of its politics. Sara Huws & Sarah Jackson have called for volunteers to make the museum a reality, told in the way that women want it to be told:

When a proposed women’s history museum on Cable Street in East London turned out to be an excuse to cash in on the popularity of a misogynist serial killer, we decided to make the missing museum a reality.

We are building a museum to share the rich history of women in East London.

We need your help, and we want your voice.

How You Can Help:

Join the cause! Sign up via the website here, Facebook here, and twitter here.

Together we can make something amazing out of the community that has come together to oppose this prurient gore-fest of a museum. We need to be on the streets, listening, as Dr Lucy Robinson says, ‘to people telling their own stories, how we need to hear it’

Please sign up and make this amazing Community museum a reality.


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