LBGT History Month: A Very British Sex Scandal


As it is LBGT History Month, I thought I’d share the wealth of a documentary that helped to inspire my undergraduate research into post-war homosexuality. I was truly gratified to be able to interview Lord Montagu for my research, and he also features in this docu-drama about a pivotal moment in his and of so many other lives in post-war Britain.


The arrest and imprisonment of Peter Wildeblood, Lord Montagu of Beaulieu and Michael Pitt-Rivers has long been recognised as being instrumental in the formation of the Wolfenden Committee, which recommended the de-criminalisation of homosexual acts between consenting adults in private.  Wildeblood was one of only three men who gave evidence to the committee as an openly homosexual man. Whilst Wildeblood’s vision for the modern homosexual is undeniably exclusionary (perhaps worryingly so in todays climate), the importance of his courage is well documented by the interviews within this documentary.


I have written about the case in another blog here:

Do hope you enjoy the documentary – it unfortunately isn’t available on 4oD anymore, so thank you Youtube user ‘Queerflix2’!


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